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Videos of Chris and some of her students and youth bands.

To the left: This is 6-year old Ridge who has been playing for less than a year. He is doing quite well for such a young student and has progressed so much since this video!

To the right: Chris taught at Kaufman Kamp in June 2022 for both Old Time and Bluegrass Weeks. This is one of her performances playing Jerusalem Ridge on fiddle, along with David Firestine on mandolin, Rick Thum on hammer dulcimer, Keith Yoder on guitar, and Jodi Harbin on bass.

To the left: Youth band Hand Picked performing at Silver Dollar City. What a joy it was teaching this group! They have gone on to the Air Force, Nursing school, Pre Med school, and two just graduating from high school this year.

To the right: This particular mandolin that I am playing belonged to Sam Bush. He got it when he was in Japan, and the current owner of the mandolin brought it to me for repairs, and actually has a original poster from Ibanez that shows Sam with this exact mandolin! How cool that I got to repair it and play it!

To the left: Six months prior to taking this video, I switched which right hand fingers I used to pick the banjo. Short story is I have Focal Dystonia in my right hand index finger and was no longer able to play with it, so I use my middle and ring fingers now. I am hoping this video will be an inspiration to never quit trying to figure out a way to do something you love!

To the right: This is an arrangement of Chinquapin Hunting that I composed for my students so that we could include a cello and viola. What fun!

To the left: This is one of my younger youth bands that I taught for several years. We decided to have some fun and make a music video. My first attempt and their first attempt! I think you'll enjoy them!

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